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Marisol Chalas'96 最近在Telemundo系列中进行了分析 “因为他们来远远。“该系列介绍了Chalas,这是一位多米尼加人的妇女,他在Blackhawk直升机中取得了军队中最困难的职位之一。(西班牙语)

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 海上风的商业网络 Virtual International Partning Forum of Offshore Wind Saw Show来自州长查理贝克和马萨诸塞州清洁能源委员会(Masscec)首席执行官Steve Pike的演讲,两者都非常熟悉MMA。作为活动的赞助商,Masscec在马萨诸塞州南海岸举行了港口港口的虚拟之旅, 包括停留 马萨诸塞州海学院其中,随着Masscec Grant Support建立了最先进的全球风力组织(GWO)海上风的救生培训。 MMA在视频中的8:47标记中有特色。

詹姆斯·麦克弗森,FEMA - 地区的联邦灾难恢复协调员1宣布了两个新的本地雇用在长期恢复工作队中。 Melissa Cochrane. '20和麦迪逊Ovadek'20, both Emergency Management majors, have been hired to support the Task Force as 紧急管理 Specialists. Walpole, MA native Cochrane recently completed an internship in Digital Communications for FEMA External Affairs. She has been a member of the Army National Guard for more than two years and will support the Housing and Health & Social Services Recovery Support Function Work Groups. Ovadek hails from Portsmouth, NH and has interned in law enforcement. Both will be involved in coordinating programs and solution-based teams that are being formed to support the six states and ten tribes that make up New England Region through the Joint Field Office in Dover, NH.

乔治康利乌斯'11 WW II自由船上的首席工程师 SS John W Brown 最近有马里兰州舰队周的人们在董事会上进行虚拟巡演,推动致力于保存船舶的项目自由船。



s。 Attleboro本地人 杰里米中尉e。 Silva'12 (EM) assumed the duties of Command Center Chief at Sector Southeastern New England in June 2020, responsible for the management of all Coast Guard communications and case prosecution across the service’s 11 core mission areas, primarily focusing on search & rescue operations in Rhode Island, Cape Cod and the surrounding waters. After graduating from basic training at Training Center, Cape May, NJ he was assigned to Station Portsmouth Harbor in New Castle, NH. In 2014, LT Silva accepted a direct commission and transferred to Sector Buffalo, NY where he served as a Command Duty Officer and the Incident Management Division Chief where he was responsible for all Coast Guard search & rescue and pollution response operations in the Eastern Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. LT Silva then transferred to the Leadership Development Center at the Coast Guard Academy from 2017-2020 where he served as a Platoon Officer and Instructor for Officer Candidate School training and preparing over 1,000 Officer Candidates.

WCVB波士顿(第5频道)最近播出了这一漫长的跑步表演 编年史 在此期间,他们访问了泰勒的观点,与MMA总统弗朗西斯麦克唐纳·麦克唐纳--85以及团长的指挥官一起聊天 Dominic Vaccari '21. (Dartmouth,Ma)和执行官 麦迪逊Coughlin '21. (Marion,MA)。你会在2:04 Mark找到MMA(在可爱的海豹幼仔之后!)